Friday, 26 September 2014

Accessorize your wall this festive season and give a new look to the house

 When it comes to sprucing up your home, wall paints arguably the prettiest option. The trend is more toward natural shades such as grey, green, brown, black or yellow. It gives the feel of nature inside the house. The pastel shades such as mauve, grey, peach or lavender give a very relaxing touch to the entire environment of the house are something that everyone is going for. But this festive season when everyone is busy decorating their homes and changing the entire look of their homes why not try something new with the walls.

Experiment with wall papers by doing an entire wall or just by doing something in the center of the wall to give the room an artistic look. Feature walls, especially with the bigger designs and wallpapers helps in creating an interesting, dynamic effect and in adding sense of drama to your room. For the festive season colour or paints that are bright such as red, yellow, orange or blue would be good to experiment with.

One can also experiment with stencils that have come a long way. Today there are so many amazing stencils on the market that really can turn a plain wall into something extraordinary. Stencils can be applied very subtly as a backdrop, using brighter colour tones on white, sheen and matte, or glaze instead of paint for a bolder presentation. One can also accessorize the walls with beautiful art works, wall clocks, mirrors to add some fun and element to the wall.

If the walls are pretty enough one doesn't need to do much with the other furniture in the room. Just adding a little furnishing or changing them would get you ready for the festive season and make your house look beautiful.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Get your house ready for the festive season

The festive season is nearing and people are all set to celebrate the season of lights .Every household is geared up in decorating their homes with lights, colours and rangoli. But this season why not try something new and creative then the regular diwali decoration. There are various other ways in which one can do their homes differently on a budget and not just with the usual decoration.

Traditionally people use to paint their entire home before Diwali but now one can give a new look to the house by just painting just one wall in each room with a new fresh colour. For the festive season colors such as red, orange, yellow or maroon will look best for the wall and wall papers. One can decorate the wall with beautiful art pieces and wall hangings.One can also change the covers of the furniture instead of changing the entire furniture or add a new statement sofa or table that is solid and colourful and adds life to the room. 

Along with the wall one can use colour drapes and furnishing such as cushions, curtains, table covers, pillow covers etc to decorate the house and change the look of the room instead of doing the entire furniture.  One can also do something different by changing the lightings of the house with new lights for the festive mood. One can also add a statement piece to the room like chandeliers to give an entire new look to the room without having to do much effort.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Theme Based Bathrooms

A bathroom is a space where one spends time unwinding under the shower and relaxing after a hard day’s work.  Earlier bathroom designs and style were emphasized on only utility and lightning but now various kinds of style have come up. One such is the theme based bathrooms. Themes such as aqua marine, beach theme, outdoor bathroom to name a few.

Aqua marine theme bathrooms give a very refreshing, soothing and pleasant feel as it is inspired from natural colors and textures of the sea. It is best for people who love the beach and the sea and don’t get time to be out there. This theme is gaining a lot of popularity and thus there are many accessories available that one can choose from.

Similarly, an open air bath gives the feeling of being connected to nature and also adds an exotic touch to your home. An open bath also lends a spacious look and adds value to the design aesthetics to create an atmosphere wherein one can spend quality relaxing time. Accessories such as wall tiles, floor tiles, bath tubs, sinks etc are available at Studio Creo for creating such beautiful bathroom at your home and feeling more near to the sea or beach.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Some general trends in Ceiling design :

·         Accessorize:   If you want to attract attention to your ceilings and if they are high enough; Quirky, distinctive lighting is the way to go.   Chandeliers are a classic and new led light fixtures are catching up fast as well.  They not only illuminate the room beautifully in a soft glow they also are incredibly energy efficient and powerful when needed.
·         Pastel Colours: Another design classic still relevant today is using pastel colours and keeping it simple.  A colour coordinated ceiling in light pastel hues gives the impression of space.
·         POP designs:  As always having wall-to-wall designs in POP on the ceilings is a beautiful way to add a touch of class to ceilings.  Floral and crisscrossing patterns are the flavours of the season.
·         Wood Inlays / Recessed Lighting in Ceilings: To really distinguish and provide presence to the room using the ceilings a recent trend has been to use wooden inlays in the ceilings.  Varying from Mahogany wood to lighter balsam varieties.  They provide an earthy, natural feel to the room. This practice is often paired with having recessed lighting in the ceiling behind these wooden inlays.  This practice provides an almost hotel like luxury feel to the room and is a step up from a simple false ceiling. 

·         Integrated Skylights in Ceilings:  Finally a new concept, which has to be incorporated into the construction phase, is integrated skylights in the ceilings.  On the upper floors this provides a beautiful illumination with soft natural light through the ceiling.  Furthermore, It gives the room an airy feeling and provides a view unto the heavens at night.  

Friday, 15 August 2014

Tips for selecting the perfect colour for your home.

Choosing the right colour for your wall is the most important thing when doing up a home. If the colour treatment goes wrong then the entire design or look of the house goes wrong. So, one must be very sure about the paint they want to use. The shades of blue or green have always been a very popular colour every year as they are very calming and pleasant to look at. The pastel shades such as mauve, grey, peach or lavender that give a very relaxing touch to the entire environment of the house are something that everyone is going for. They are light colors and so they make the room look bright and spacious. People have also started using natural shades such as grey, green, brown, black or yellow. It gives the feel of nature inside the house. Amongst the natural colour grey is the strongest colour as it comes in so many shades and looks very serene.

One can also experiment with wall papers by doing an entire wall or just by doing something in the center of the wall to give the room an artistic look. Another way to do the wall is use lighter shades of earth tones and neutrals and add pops of colour in the wall with art work, window treatments or rugs. One can also paint an accent wall with a colour on the same paint strip but darker or lighter tone. To make the room look spacious, paint the wall with the similar shade like the floor tile. Like if the floor tiles are of brown or blue then paint the walls with lighter shade of brown or blue. It makes the room look bigger.

It is also important to choose the wall colour according to the size of the room. If a room is small and one uses bold colors then it makes the room look more small and stuffed. For this season lighter shades or pastel shades are something that one should go for.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Brighten up your Home

If you do not have the time or patience to re-do your house the best way to add something different or new is to use designer home lighting. There are a numerous high end designs available in bright colors that one can choose from only at Studio Creo from Boffi and Calligaris. The lights are very high end and minimalistic in design and if such lights are placed in the perfect spot then they can both illuminate and be a conversation starter in your home.

One can also add colourful lights in the lawn or garden to enhance the natural beauty outside. These lamps can be placed near the pool side, pond or fountain and give interesting effects. Colourful lights can also be used inside the house keeping in mind the overall look and feel of the home. One should ensure that a bright light doesn’t throw out the balance on the room and adds more beauty and charm to the room.

Friday, 1 August 2014


The Calligaris Kerry sofa is the perfect example of Italian Ingenuity. They are simple and elegant and provide a solution to modern living spaces seeking a refreshed look .They can be endlessly customized according to ones need. They are available in different sizes and configurations and one can even choose between two to three seat cushions. Large seat, back and side cushions line Kerry’s cleanly upholstered frame, offering plush all over support with clean lines and right angles.

Any shape and sizes that one needs can be created and handcrafted. Three different feet styles are available such as chromed metal, brushed aluminum and stained solid wood. The sofas are available in different fabrics and leathers in various modern and fun colors. They are perfectly designed with simple lines, elegance and comfort to decorate a home with style.